4 Easy and Proven Tips to Connect with Archangels

When it comes to healing energy, everyone desires to connect with God to discuss things happening in their lives. One way to connect with God is to connect with Archangels, as they are considered extensions of God.

Being supreme spiritual guides, Archangels have healing power and wisdom to help you with having the clarity and confidence to make decisions that are in your best interest. It may surprise you that they have links to spiritual worlds and can guide you on any path of your life.

You may be wondering, “How to Connect with Archangels?” This guide will help you explore the primary responsibilities of Archangels and four tips to connect with them. 

Let’s start by exploring what Archangels are and how they are different from angels.

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What are Archangels?

The first four letters of their names (Arch) are a great place to start. “Arch” is a Greek word that means chief messengers. Archangels are the chief messengers of God that exchange your concerns with the spiritual world to heal your energy.

Though there are many, here are seven well-known Archangels, Michael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Haniel, and Ariel. Each Archangel has its own specific healing frequency and can open different doors of spiritual awareness for you.

Being chief messengers of the Divine, Archangels can connect with everyone. This means you can easily connect with your desired Archangel just by calling upon them.

Angels and Archangels — Know the Difference

Angels protect you and guide you by answering your questions and providing peace of mind. However, they don't have specific specialties or roles they oversee for the collective.. At birth, you have at least two guardian angels who are “assigned” to you that stay with you from conception through the duration of your life. 

On the other hand, Archangels are here to oversee specific aspects to support the healing and evolution of humanity with the omnipresence of experiences, emulating healing energy, and specific evolutionary roles. They may come into your life to support you for a more specific reason or period of time.

Archangels have expansive, holistic knowledge, and each has the ability to help you with their unique specialty. Unlike angels, they serve a clear and specific purpose to aid mankind with their unique energy signature. All angels can be personally connected to an individual or life.

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4 Best Ways to Connect with Archangels

Letter to the Archangels

If you want to connect with Archangels, one idea is to write a letter to your desired Archangel. There is no right or wrong way to invoke the Archangels, though it is important to ask them to support and guide you. You can ask them to help you with whatever burdens you may be carrying and to guide you to more peace.

You could ask them for specific clarity and direction to align with your highest path and purpose. Or you can invoke them by thanking them with gratitude in advance for supporting you in whatever way you desire. 

Before writing the letter, you can begin by being in a place of gratitude or positivity to warm up your energy, become present, and set your intention for you to align with your highest outcome.  

Utilize the Name of Archangels

Whether you're writing a letter or using affirming statements, you can utilize the name of the desired Archangel for easy connection. This process is also known as journaling, in which you start this process by inviting the name of an Archangel you desire to work with so that you can call forward their healing presence and begin to cultivate a personal relationship with them. 

As discussed above, you can begin with any of the seven names of Archangels, including Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Uriel. Every Archangel has a significant role and unique healing energy that you invoke when calling them in by name.

For example, you could express the following: "I call upon Archangel Raphael for healing my energy at a physical and emotional level. I will accept all encouragement and directions with a pure heart filled with joy and appreciation. Thank you."

You can follow your own format and make it personalized to your needs, but it is best if you focus on the name of the desired Archangel.

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In addition to journaling, you can also try practicing mindfulness in your daily lifestyle. When we are tuned in to our mindfulness, we include awareness of thoughts and how they impact our relationships with others.

But how does mindfulness help you connect with an Archangel?

When you make mindfulness a part of your daily routine, it helps you train your thoughts and energy to discharge positivity. Mindfulness also removes toxicity in your energy and cleanses your soul to raise the vibrational frequency.

Mindfulness brings your awareness into the present moment, which is essential for you to be able to easily build a relationship with your desired Archangel.

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Like mindfulness, meditation is also one of the best ways to remove negative thoughts and energies from your mind. Daily meditation provides a way that works as a bridge between you and the Archangel.

Try implementing embodied meditation by focusing on your body and breath without any excessive effort. Using this method, you can easily maintain a consciousness that helps you easily communicate with an Archangel.

In addition to these, there are countless ways to help you establish a connection with Archangels. Whether you want to cultivate mindfulness or learn embodied meditation, my Soul Alignment Activation book will help you.

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Divine Responsibilities of Archangels

Guide Individuals

The primary responsibility of Archangels is to guide living beings to embody more peace, joy, and fulfillment.. All the Archangels dedicate themselves to showing you the path of light, happiness, and positivity. Also, it is their mission to lead human beings toward eternal lightness and the highest path of their life. 

Protect Humanity

Along with guiding individuals, Archangels take responsibility for protecting the whole of humanity. They are nondenominational beings who are available to all humans at any time. They oversee the collective awakening and elevate our evolutionary process on earth. 

Heal Your Energy 

Most individuals call upon the Archangels to heal their energy with unique spiritual qualities. Every Archangel has a responsibility to heal your energy by using their strengths and wisdom. As all Archangels have different specialties, they heal your energy accordingly. If you want to heal yourself physically or emotionally, you can call upon Archangel Raphael. 


Archangels are supreme spiritual messengers that stay ready to connect with anyone who calls on them. The primary mission of Archangels is to guide individuals, protect humanity and heal your energy.

You can easily connect with any of these seven Archangels and ask them to guide you and heal your energy. As you maintain a positive focus as well as the methods I have discussed above, you will be on the right path to connecting with Archangels.


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