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Happy New Year!! Welcome to the Year of the Horse!

Horse Years

1906 • 1918 • 1930 • 1942 • 1954 • 1966 • 1978 • 1990 • 2002 • 2014

Chinese New Year

January 31st, 2014 is the first day of the Chinese New Year celebration - and we enter the year of the Wood-Horse. The Chinese celebrate the new year according to the lunar calendar as opposed to the solar calendar like we do in the West. This is why the dates vary each year, as they depend on when there is a new moon. The Chinese New Year begins the longest and most important holiday in China. It begins on the first day of the lunar new year and runs for 15 days, where it ends with the Lantern Festival. The celebration, in its entirety, is commonly referred to as the Spring Festival. There are many celebrations, parties, feasts and fireworks, and during the celebration, it is traditional to wear red clothing to ward off evil spirits.

The Horse and Man

Horse and Man

The relationship between horses and man goes back thousands of years. Some of the earliest evidence of the domestication of horses goes back to between 4000-3500 BCE. Since then, man has benefitted from the horses strength and endurance, as well as his loyalty and friendship. Joined with the horse and its power, man has been able to overcome great distances, farm lands and had a powerful ally in great battles and adventures. The truth is, man has never truly conquered the horse, and even though they have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship, the horse differs from other domesticated animals. The dog, known for its loyalty and faithful nature is without surprises, and the cat, is consistently independent and mysterious. The horse, who throughout history has shared many violent adventures with man - often risking his life - never gives of himself completely, as though some deep part of himself remains inaccessible from man who tries to dominate and enslave him. The powerful horse is willful and passionate, which is why man has always been so drawn to him.

Horse Characteristics

Below are some characteristics that are seen to embody people born in the year of the horse. They also represent qualities present in this, the year of the horse.

Positive Qualities: The horse is loyal, enthusiastic and inspiring.

Negative Qualities: The horse can be unstable, his temper flares up easily, is impatient and talkative.

Work: The horse is very ambitious and hates to lose.

Money: Careless and spends freely, yet is generous and unselfish.

Needs: Horses need to be supported, encouraged, complimented.

Loves: Voyages and great journeys, change and diversity.

Hates: Silence and lack of communication.

Favourite Activities: The horse is fearless and full of energy, he loves the sporting life and the competition - but understands the meaning of fair play, and if he loses, will do so with grace.

Favourite Places: Everywhere, other than where he is. Likes being in the homes of others. Hates being tied to one place or feeling like he is locked in.

Best Professions: Technician, cowboy, athlete, chauffeur, truck driver, union leader.  Painter, poet, explorer and all professions where clear communication with others is important such as politician, professor, CEO.

The Horse Personality

People born in the year of the horse are noble, faithful, loyal and intelligent. The horse has a good reputation and is proud in appearance. Horses love the social life and crave acceptance. They make good companions, are eloquent with their words, know how to please and enjoy pleasing. Horses are popular and always manage to attract attention.

The greatest quality of the horse is its loyalty. They are frank and direct and excellent communicators. Horses are noble and sincere. People born in the year of the horse are practical and realistic, which, when combined with their enthusiasm and energy allow them to be extremely effective at whatever they set their minds to.

The horse personality tends to be quick tempered and impulsive which causes them to behave in unexpected and unreasonable ways, especially in conflicts with others. Horses long for the support and encouragement of others, and through this, can blossom and thrive. They get much of their equilibrium and strength from the people in their lives. Because of their need for others, horses do not enjoy solitude, but instead get their energy and strength from their connections, and the support of the people around them.

The Wood Horse

Wood Horse Chinese New Year

Every year in the Chinese zodiac represents one of the five elements of fire, earth, metal water and wood. 2014 is the year of the horse, and the element is wood. Wood is the element associated with spring, the liver and the colour green. The wood horse loves harmony, beauty and nature. The wood element is about growth and expansion allowing horse to overcome his fears of failure and succeed.  When encountering obstacles, horse would rather use his creativity and imagination than reason or discipline. Forgetting his fears and insecurities, he will tackle problems and with his enthusiasm and great energy will overcome any issues he encounters with characteristic elegance and grace. Elegant horse hates routine and is much happier living in the moment and embarking on new adventures. Springtime is a creative time for horse and will bring him great power and the equilibrium he needs. Nature seduces horse attracting him with the possibility of new spaces to conquer and lands to discover which both satisfy his passionate and impatient nature. Conversely, like horse, wood is also passionate and excessive and the wood horse when out of balance, can become vulnerable, jealous and possessive.

Predictions for 2014

The year of the horse is supposed to be a year of growth and prosperity. This will be a creative year, full of new energy, strength and ideas. It will be a year where conflicts and problems can be resolved. Many predict dramatic changes in the economic, political and environmental landscapes this year, but, if we are strong and resilient like wood, these ups and downs can be overcome. The horse is incredibly powerful and tenacious, so even if we face difficulty and adversity this year, those intrinsic horse qualities will allow us to conquer any difficulties we may face.

Regardless of what the coming year may bring, we wish all beings and our beautiful planet peace, love and happiness, prosperity, health and success for the coming year, and all the years to come. Kung Hei Fat Choy!!

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