Welcome To The Chinese Year of the Goat

By Emma Suttie, D.Ac, AP

The Chinese new year started this year on February 19th and lasted until March 5th. The date of the Chinese new year varies every year because it is based on a lunar calendar (which is based on cycles of lunar phases) and not the solar calendar (which indicates the position of the earth in the suns orbit) which is the one we use in the West.

2015 is the Chinese year of the goat. There are twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac and the goat is the eighth in the sequence which starts with the rat. Anyone born in an animals year is said to engender the qualities of that animal according to the zodiac, so lets look and see what qualities are synonymous with the goat and what the year of the goat holds in store for us and we move into 2015...

Goat Years

1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

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The Wood Goat

In Chinese medicine, there are five elements that can be applied to all things from health, to personality, to what we eat. Each animal year also has a dominant element (fire, earth, metal, water, wood), and for 2015 it is the wood element. Wood is associated with the liver and spring. These are expansive energies, like new growth, reaching upwards to reach the sun. The wood element represents growth, activity, newness and outward energies, so this seems like a positive element to have its influence in the year to come.

The Goat Personality

People born in a goat year are said to be calm and gentle souls. They are mild mannered, sympathetic and shy. Goats are also very kind hearted and have a strong sense of justice. Goats have thoughts and emotions that run deep. They have great perseverance and are excellent at acquiring the skills they need in both work and life. Although they may look soft and gentle on the outside, they are strong and extremely tough, always trusting themselves, even if they do not express it to those on the outside.

Goats prefer to be in groups or with other people, but do not like to be the centre of attention. They are quiet and reserved as they spend most of their time in their thoughts. Goats like to look good and spend money on beautiful things so they always have a stylish and put together appearance. The do not, however, get caught up in exterior appearances and their kind, sweet demeanour is always presented with complete honesty and sincerity to everyone they meet.

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Goat Year Predictions

Interestingly, in Chinese culture being in the year of the sign you were born is considered unlucky, so according to this logic, people born in goat years should be cautious. According to Chinese astrology, the previous several years have been very tumultuous, causing a lot of chaos and turmoil that will be wrapping up this year. This includes both political and economic instability all over the world which is certainly a wonderful thing! I think the world, and the rest of us could use a little more stability. 2015 will be a turning point for the planet and promises less negativity throughout the world and a shift to a more peaceful and positive future. It seems that 2015 holds promise for a future filled with prosperity and well being. :)


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Welcome To The Chinese Year of the Goat