The Ebola Virus Infographic

By Aris Grigoriou, Managing Director of Study Medicine Europe Ltd.

Ebola as a disease is not a new phenomenon. It was first seen or ‘discovered’ back in 1976 when there was a simultaneous outbreak in the African countries of Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of the villages where the first outbreak occurred was in the village of Yambuku, which is situated close to the river Ebola, thus showing how the disease got its name.

The current strain of the disease broke out back in March of this year in Guékédou which is in Guinea in West Africa. This current strain has developed into an epidemic which has resulted in worldwide attention. Due to international intervention in the form of health workers, we have seen the disease transcend borders and as a result bringing diagnosis to countries outside of Africa.

This infographic looks at the Ebola effect on the countries that it has permeated. It looks at the costs predicted or forecasted on the West African countries worst hit. Controlling the disease is vital and the infographic looks at methods used in attempting to achieve this.

The Ebola Virus Infographic : Chinese Medicine Living

The Ebola Virus Infographic

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