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Chinese Medicine Living was created in 2013 by acupuncturist & herbalist Emma Suttie as a way to share information about natural health and healing to a wider audience than just her patients. The articles on Chinese Medicine Living offer information about a diverse range of topics that include:

  • Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, Chinese herbs, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, tui na, qi gong, tui na, cosmetic acupuncture, mien shiang, etc…)
  • natural and/or traditional medicines
  • alternative healing practices
  • herbal & plant medicines
  • energy medicine
  • meditation
  • spirituality
  • martial arts
  • nutrition
  • natural living & living in harmony with nature
  • mental health
  • the emotions and emotional health

Because Chinese Medicine is holistic, there are many subjects that are relevant to our health and wellbeing and articles on any of those subjects are welcome.

The goal of Chinese Medicine Living is to educate the public about Chinese Medicine, as well as other natural medicines and healing practices that are perhaps not as accessible (and not discussed by many Western doctors) so that people are able to make educated choices about their health. Chinese Medicine Living is a place where we can honestly and truthfully discuss how to live a healthy lifestyle in our modern world.

Acupuncturists, practitioners of Chinese Medicine, herbalists, and any other type of health care practitioners, as well as bloggers, experienced writers or experts in the field of health/wellness/nutrition.

We accept original articles about the above topics. SEO-driven submissions are NOT permitted. Please do not send submissions or bio references that promote a business, service or products.

The articles must be 100% original and unique. The content must not have been published anywhere else prior to submitting to Chinese Medicine Living. We will not accept responsibility for any copyright or ownership infringements made by contributors.

When a study or research appears in your article, it is important to include its source. We require that all links of these sources are scientific, academic and/or reliable papers. You should put the link in square brackets and number them [1] [2] [3]… Please include at least 3 references for the information that you are offering. Do NOT link out to sources that are not properly backed up.

You may submit as many articles as you like, but the content must be well written and informative on the chosen subject. All articles will be reviewed by our editorial team and you will be notified if they have been approved for publication. The minimum number of words per article is 500.

No material consisting of negative or hateful speech, illegal activity, discrimination of any group, violence, etc. will be tolerated.
No posts promoting any of the above or similar will be tolerated either. Please be respectful.
We do ask that all material be original and as always, plagiarism will not be tolerated.

**Please do NOT simply cut and paste articles from personal sites, etc. The material on our site needs to not only be your own words but cannot be published elsewhere.**

We do not offer compensation for contributions, but you have the chance to include one link back to your website or your blog in a short bio you may place at the bottom of your article. Please keep bio’s short and concise. Also, you will be able to get big exposure as an author. We reserve the right to edit your article but will let you know if we do any edits to your piece.

We do not accept photos due to copyright issues. Our editorial team will choose one featured image that corresponds with your article from our sources of approved images.

The articles that we think are especially valuable to readers will receive extra publicity through our social media channels. We also select the top articles to feature in our monthly email newsletter, providing additional exposure to many thousands of active readers.


Please submit articles to write@chinesemedicineliving.com. If your article is approved for publication, someone from our editorial team will get back to you after your submission has been reviewed. We thank everyone for their submissions.