The Chinese Medicine Living Mission

One of the many reasons that I created Chinese Medicine Living is that I wanted people to know that there were alternatives to conventional treatments. It was important to me that people understand that there are always other options. Chinese Medicine Living is my way of trying to offer some of that information so that people can make informed decisions about their health and have the opportunity to choose the types of treatments they feel are best for them. I believe that we all have that right.

Chinese Medicine Living has also been my love letter to Chinese Medicine and is my attempt to share its immeasurable wisdom with anyone who’s looking for it.

Do You Need Medical Advice?

As a result of creating Chinese Medicine Living, I get a lot of emails from people all over the planet asking for medical advice. An overwhelming number, which tells me that there is both a need for this information and that people are seeking it and wanting to apply it to their health issues. So, mission accomplished! This is certainly encouraging, and it is humbling to receive those emails. I try to answer every one of them personally.

The Problem

The problem is that I cannot give medical advice over email. I am not legally allowed to do so and it would be irresponsible and unethical. I would also lose my license. You are not asking what colour I think you should paint your living room! You are asking important questions pertaining to your health, and that is something that I, as an acupuncture physician, take very seriously. If there is anything you should know about Chinese Medicine, it is that being a holistic system, having ALL the information is crucial to be able to apply it effectively. This is why it works so well.

I am only able to give medical advice if you are my patient and I have gone through the necessary steps so that I can make an informed diagnosis and give my advice for how to proceed with treatments. This requires a process that includes acquiring a lot of information about your situation and taking the time to go through it thoroughly so that I understand what is happening and how I can best help you. This is my responsibility as a physician. This is what I do every day in clinic, and have done for the past thirteen years.

The Solution

The good news is that if you would like help with your medical issue, I offer Skype consultations.

A Skype consultation includes the intense process of information gathering necessary so that I can understand your specific issue, make an informed diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan. I also put together a detailed information package with a thorough explanation of the problem and recommendations on how to treat it according to Chinese Medicine.

If you would like help with your health issues and would like to book a Skype consultation with me, then please write me an email at info@chinesemedicineliving.com. I can then send you the necessary forms and we can schedule a time to speak together. Skype consultations are generally 1.5 hours, sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the case.