If you are having a medical issue and would like a skype consultation with Emma Suttie, D.Ac, AP, then please write to to request the forms and set up a time for your consult.


Because of the overwhelming circumstances that are happening worldwide right now, I have put together a 3 session package to help people with any health issues as well as any emotional issues like grief, anxiety, depression, etc. The package works this way:

  1. Filling out online forms
  2. The first session where I take all the medical history and you tell me exactly what is happening with you (via skype, zoom, etc…)
  3. After the first session, I take all the information and put together an extensive information package including tools to help you work through what is happening. Over the last 15 years, I have many tools I have created to help patients.
  4. I send you an email with a summary of our session and some things you can start doing right away to start feeling better, as well as any relevant reading to help you understand, in Chinese Medicine terms, where your imbalances lie.
  5. The second session is where I explain my findings and we go over all the information I have put together for you. I send you the package as well as tools via email so that you can begin to digest the information and put it into practice.
  6. After a couple of weeks, we have our third session where I am able to see how you are doing and we can talk about improvements or any areas that might need more work. We can set up a long term plan for your recovery and implement tools you can use for the long term.

** I have found that having three sessions really helps for us to go deep enough to really figure out what is at the root of your issues and for you to be able to look at your issue in the context of Chinese Medicine (which is so often a completely different way of looking at things). With this new view of things and some powerful tools, working together we are really able to make big improvements to your life and health. :)

For more information or to schedule a consult, please write to


The consult is for 1.5 hours (depending on the complexity of the case) and the cost is $250.

Consult includes 1.5 hours with Emma, as well as an in-depth information package that she will put together based on your specific case with personalized recommendations for herbs, nutritional counselling, exercise, etc…


Emma also offers a grief specific consulting package based on many years of dealing with grief in the clinic. Please write to for more information and to schedule your initial consultation.