Chattra Meditation Cushion Review

Chattra Meditation Cushion

By Emma Suttie D.Ac, AP

One of the things that I love about meditating is that it is the time that I get to give to myself,
as an investment into my health on every level.

I also thoroughly enjoy meditating as I feel great afterwards,
and I can feel the benefits ripple out into all aspects of my life.
A lovely supplement to all this goodness is creating a beautiful meditation space
where I get to spend my meditations every day.



The space I have created has, as its centerpiece, my beautiful Chattra meditation cushion.
Every time I look at it, it makes my heart so happy.

Chattra is a company that creates small-batch, hand-block and screen printed,
India inspired meditation (as well as yoga) gear.

Their products are made in ethical workshops in India that are
dedicated to preserving India’s incredible textile heritage.

If you look through the Chattra shop, it is really a feast for the eyes.
Zafu and zambutons can be mixed and matched, and all their
cushions and bolsters are very well made with great attention to detail.



My Chattra cushion is also extremely comfortable.
Both zafu and zambuton are the perfect balance of density and firmness
as to provide support for your body while meditating, while also being soft enough
not to cause stiffness and pain (which can be a big problem when you are meditating).

My cushion is the perfect balance of beauty, practicality and comfort.

I am so very happy to support an ethical company who is supporting
a culture with wisdom and traditions that have positively influenced the planet,
as well as giving us all the ability to add beauty and style to our sacred spaces.