Vicky Chan

VickyChanIn 1998, Vicky was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor which had quickly grown into the size of a small football when operated. Luckily she was able to come out of the operation with no sign of cancer. Her body was able to keep the one rebellious cell from damaging other healthy cells. She credited her good fortune to her healthy diet and the regular use of reishi or ling-zhi mushroom which is the most potent Chinese medicinal herb for strengthening immune function.

During her hospital stay, she had experienced the western food culture and found how inappropriate the hospital foods are for helping patients to recover quickly. Her own recovery was remarkably fast and easy because of the healing and rejuvenating food prepared for her by her family.

Vicky was back on the hiking trail shortly after the operation.

All these experiences had made her realize how lucky she was for having the TCM food knowledge to manage her health. She believes such food knowledge is vital to people, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses due to poor diet, inappropriate food knowledge and over reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and supplements for health.

She then ended her career in IT and took on the mission to promote Chinese therapeutic foods and cooking.

She now teaches Chinese nutritional therapy to Chinese medicine students in Toronto and has a website where she shares her passion for Chinese food therapy called NourishU.