John Voigt

John Voigt : Chinese Medicine LivingJohn Voigt is a practicing Qigong Master, and the Editor of Qi Encyclopedia. He was taught Qigong by Christopher Real (Rev. Fa Jun), whose own lineage extends back to Sifu Steven Baugh, then to his masters, Sifu Share K. Lew, Carl Totton, and Hsu Hong His. Christopher Real also studied with Mantak Chia, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.

John also engaged in short but profound learning sessions with Yadi Alamin, L. V. Carnie, Mantak Chia, Francesco & Daisy Lee-Garripoli, Shoshanna Katzman, Lin Housheng, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Juanita K. Lew, and Michael Winn. He has taught Qigong at the Theosophical Society and E. Shan Tang Herbs, both in Boston; and informally to selected students at Berklee College (where he was Library Director), Massachusetts College of Art, Northeastern University, and Boston Arts Academy.

He is a contributing author to Qi Journal: Qigong for Creativity in Music, Art of Seeing Qi, Can Qigong Drive You Crazy?, Herbs for Longevity, Qigong in the Park,  Qigong for Weight LossQigong for Weight Loss II: the yin and yang of food,  The Six Healing Sounds, Experiencing Qigong, Taijiqigong – Lin Housheng, Mantak Chia: The man and his teachings, The 36 Health Exercises of Ha Kinh, The Ultimate Energy Exercise: Zhan Zhuang,  The Man Who Invented “Qigong.”, External Qi for Healing, and Happy Fun Qigong.

He has been a contributing editor for encyclopedias and reference works published by C. Scribner’s Sons, Macmillan, Oxford University, American Library Association, Scarecrow Press, Black American Literature Forum, International Society Of Bassists, and MIT Press.

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