Body & Spirit

The Body and Spirit in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, there is a particular interest in the state of a person’s spirit. The spirit, it is thought, is just as important to health as the body and so there are many ways in which the Chinese medicine practitioner is able to assess the health of a persons spirit in addition to their body.

Chinese medicine is a holistic system, meaning that every aspect of a human being – the body, mind and spirit – are evaluated to ascertain the overall health of the individual. It is this looking at the whole that is the strength of this magnificent medicine and why it is still after thousands of years, able to treat diseases that affect us in the modern world.

Science is starting to discover what Chinese medicine practitioners have known for centuries. That when we are sick, it is not just the body that must be healed, it is the spirit as well.


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This beautiful photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash